How does ketoconazol shampoo work?

Ketoconazole shampoo is the only shampoo on the market that fights hair loss. This product is often seen as the basis for fighting hair loss.
Originally this product was brought on the market as a dandruff and psoriasis treatment . After some time men discovered that this was not the only positive feature of this shampoo.
They found out the product also worked as a DHT blocker (DHT is the male hormone that causes male pattern baldness). For the DHT blocking features to work as good as possible it is important that the scalp is totally calm and healthy. For the DHT blocking features to work 100% it is best that the scalp does not suffer from dandruff and psoriasis. For this reason, ketoconazole is so often seen as the main ingredient in the fight against hair loss.

What kind of results could I ecpect from ketoconazol shampoo?

There have been a few studies on the efficiency of ketoconazole against hair loss, but these were not formal enough to draw clear conclusions. What these studies did show and what you can read in the many user experiences on the internet is that ketaconazole can slow down the proces of growing bald and in some cases stop hair loss completely. The users notices that the hair became thicker and that the hairs remained longer in the growth phase . There is no confirmation yet that ketoconazole also can cause regrowth. Ketoconazole is also a great combination with minoxidil. The results of this combination will be even better than if you only use minoxidil. Please keep in mind that it will take a while before you see results after using ketoconazole (same as for most hair loss solutions). You can expect the best results between six and fifteen months. There are two different strengths of ketoconazole shampoo. The 2% formula showed better results than the 1% formula. The downside for the 2% formula is that you need a doctor’s prescription. There are also ketoconazole tablets on the market. The use of these tablets is not recommended, because there is a substantial risk of liver damage. Especially when you drink alcohol on a regular basis.

Can everbody use ketoconazol?

All men and woman above the age of 12 can use ketoconazol.

How do I use ketoconazol shampoo?

It is advised to use ketoconazole once every three days. On days when you are not using ketaconazole you can use your normal shampoo. On the days that you are using ketoconazole you apply a small amount (size of a 20 cent coin) shampoo on wet hair. This amount should be efficient to remove the dirt from the previous days. Rub this in to clean your scalp. Then grab a similar amount and apply it again to wet hair. Leave this for a few minutes. Finally you rinse your hair again with water.

Possible ketoconazol shampoo side effects

There have been few people that experienced side effects from the use of ketoconazole. The most common side effects that have occured are mild itching , dry skin and headaches. The likelihood of any of the previous mentioned side effects to occur is very negligible when using the 1 % solution and assuming that you do not exceed the recommended dosage and frequency .

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