myths hairloss

most men give great care about their hairline, but unfortunately near 50% of all men will encounter some form of hair loss during their life. This could have a lot of impact on your self-esteem. If you would like to do something about your hair loss its a good start to educate yourselve and find out whats really causing hair loss and expose all the myths. In this article you can find the most well-known statements regarding hairloss.

1. Hats and caps will cause hair loss
MYTH. Hair cannot suffocate in any means if you would wear a hat or a cap. Your hair will fill up on nutrients through blood vessels in subcutaneous tissue. This means that wearing a hat or cap will have zero influence on your hair loss.

2. Cutting your hair on a regular basis will make your hair look thicker
MYTH. This is what barbers would like you to believe and will tell you every now and then. The thickness of your hair is depending on your follicle and has nothing to do with the fact if you cut your hair or not.

3. Baldness Comes From your Mother’s Side
MYTH. The most important cause of male pattern baldness (alopecia androgenetica) is genetics. The genes that are causing hair loss can be inherent from your mother aswell as your father and because there isn’t just one gene that causes hairloss, but multiple it is harder to predict your chances on hair loss.

4. Hairproducts like wax, gel etc will increase your chances on hair loss
Myth. Wax, hairgel or similair hair products will not damage your hair or make it fall off. You dont have to worry about using these products.

5. Hair loss is affected by the way you eat
True. Of course it is really important to eat healthy if you want healthy hair growth. Pay attention to what you eat and whether you are getting your daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Also try to avoid fried food as much as possible. But even though you can eat as healthy as possible this will not stop your hair loss completely. You will need to do a lot more to achieve this.

food and hairloss

6. A brush is better than a comb
True. A brush is better for your hair, but it has to be a brush with natural bristles. This brush will protect your hair and ensure that the protective outer skin layer remains neatly closed. Next to that it will massage the scalp and promote your hair growth. A comb does not have these properties and a comb made ​​of plastic can make your hair static.

7. Stress causes hair loss
True, to o a certain extent. Long lasting stress or sudden severe stress can lead to accelerating hair loss. But this type of hair loss is almost never permanent. Your hair will usually grow back again after a short period of time.

8. Anabolic steroids have no effect on the hair
Myth. Anabolic steroids are very popular in gyms. They will let you build extreme muscle mass in a short amount of time, but unfortunately they can cause many severe side effects. Steroids are often used in excessive quantities and this will result in serious hair loss with men.

9. Washing your hair to often is not healthy for your hair
Partly true. If you have healthy and strong hair it doesn’t really matter how often you wash your hair. If you already have a hair problem it is a different case. Your hair is then sensitive to the shampoo ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate. This chemical additive will make your hair dry, brittle and breakable.