What is nanoxidil?

Minoxidil is a product that has been available on the market for some time now, but since recently there is a product that can be seen as the succescor of minoxidil. It is called nanoxidil. This product has been designed as a safer and more effective replacement of minoxidil. Because nanoxidil uses smaller molecules, the product is able to penetrate the skin deeper and easier. The result is a more effective working product. Another advantage of nanoxidil over minoxidil is that it does not leaves the sticky layer on your skin. Several studies have showed that the chance of side effects are significantly lower compared to minoxidil, so if you are experiencing skin irritation from using minoxidil there is a good chance you will benefit from switching to nanoxidil.

Nanoxidil research

A clinical test on the use of the product Spectral DNC-N (nanoxidil is the main ingredient) have shown that after a period of 2 months 95% of the participants have noticed a decrease in hair loss.
In addition 75% of the participants even concluded that their hair grew faster. No side effects have been discovered during the research.

Is it better for me to use nanoxidil or minoxidil?

Since nanoxidil products are more expensive than minoxidil products I would advise you to try out minoxidil 5% first. If you allready started using minoxidil 5% and you are still satisfied with the results I would also advise you to keep using minoxidil. When you start to notice an increase in hair loss while using minoxidil you could switch to nanoxidil. If you are experiencing side effects while using minoxidil you could switch to nanoxidil to see if your body can tolerate it better

Nanoxidil products that are currently available on the market

The number one producer of nanoxidil products is DS labratories. Click here for an overview of DS labratory products.

Spectral DNC-N

Possible side effects from Nanoxidil products?

Because nanoxidil is a new product there isn’t much information yet on the long term side effects. In theory you would expect the same side effects to occur as with the use of minoxidil. According to DS laboratories the side effects of nanoxidil should occur even less frequently compared to when you use minoxidil. You can find a list with the minoxidil side effects here.

The advantages and disadvantages of nanoxidil

Smaller molecules make the product more effective
The product absorbs faster
smalles dosages
No sticky scalp

not much information on side effects yet
more expensive than minoxidil