scalp massage

There are a number of products on the market that could help you fight hair loss. You can use medication like minoxidil or finasteride. You could also choose to undergo a hair transplant to fill up the bald spots on your head.
These solutions have one thing in common, they all cost you money. For a hair transplant you have to pay between three and fifteen thousand dollars. If you choose medication you can add some fixed cost every month because You’ll have to keep using them for the rest of your life. That not everyone can afford this of course. That is the reason I wanted to see if there is a free alternative solution. It turned out that scalp massages are the only free alternative. In this article I will explain how a scalp massage works, what the positive effects are, and can it really stop or slow down hair loss? Finally I will show you some techniques of how to do a scalp masssage.

What does a scalp massage do?

A scalp massage is performed by applying your fingers on the scalp and putting pressure at various points on your scalp. This allows for stimulation of the nerves and blood vessels that are located under the skin. As a result, the blood flow under the skin will increase. This will result in more nutrients flowing to the hair follicles. After a scalp massage you become totally relaxed and it also will reduce a lot of the stress and remove the tension of your muscles.

The positive effects of massaging the scalp

Massaging the scalp has the following positive effects:
– It improves blood circulation in the head and neck.
– The increased blood flow to the follicles will transport more nutrients.
– It calms your nervous system.
– It helps you relax.
– It relieves the strain on your eyes.
– It reduces the stiffness in your neck and shoulders.
– It provides relief from headaches that have been caused by tension or stress.
– If the scalp massage is carried out before bedtime it can have positive effects on your sleep.
– If you use oil it can help you to get rid of dandruff.
– A scalp massage can also give energy to people who suffer from fatigue.

Can a scalp massage also help you to stop or slow down hair loss?

A scalp massage can indeed contribute in a positive way to hairgrowth and haircondition. However, there is no evidence that a scalp massage actually helps in reducing hair loss. The problem is that DHT will still continue to damage the hair follicles. This process will not stopped by performing a scalp massage. Medication like finasteride will help to stop DHT from attacking the hair follicles.

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How do I perform a scalp massage?

You can perform a scalp massage with both wet or dry hair. If you choose to perform a scalp massage with wet hair it is advised to comb your hair first before starting the massage. This will help you to remove the tangles. It is very important that you make sure that your hair is clean. The massage will feel less comfortable when you have gel or wax in your hair.

Start the scalp massage by spreading your fingers and then rub your fingertips over the scalp. Make sure that you never use your nails. This way you can damage the scalp. Keep touching the scalp with your fingers and move your fingers by pulling them together and then spreading out again. Move your fingers over the entire scalp and make sure you do not miss any spots. After a few minutes you change the movement of your fingers. Now continue with your fingertips to massage gently in a circular motion over the scalp.

You could choose to use massage oil. Put a few drops of massage oil on your fingertips and massage it slowly into the scalp. Various studies have shown that the use of massage oil will improve the blood circulation even more and for this reason it is often used by people who suffer from hair loss. The use of oil is also very recommended if you suffer from a dry scalp.

A head massage should last for at least 3 minutes and you can continue as long as you want. In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to carry out the massage at least one or two times a day. In the movie below you can see an example of a scalp massage.