SMO4554 hair loss medicine

A San Diego start-up Biotech company is currently working on a new medicine that could be the new hair loss solution that people haven been waiting for for so long. The company has recently presented some promising test results at the American academy of dermatology. Despite the fact that the first results look really promising, doctors that analysed the first test results first wanted to see how the new medicine would hold up in larger studies before they are convinced that SMO4554 will become the future remedy against baldness. If the new medicine will show positive results in the larger studies the next step is to get approval from the food and drug administration (FDA).

What kind of medicine is SMO4554?

According to the Biotech company SMO4554 is a topical medicine that should be applied and rubbed onto the scalp. SMO4554 works by affecting the Wnt pathway. This is a fundamental signaling pathway discovered in fruit flies that is crucial in the development of embryos and in cancer in all animals.

The first test results of SMO4554

During the first studey 300 patients where divided in 3 groups. The first group received a placebo product. The second group received a 0,15% SMO4554 solution. The third group received a 0,25% SMO4554 solution. The result of the study was that all the users of the SMO4554 product saw an increase in the number of hairs and also an increase in density. The group that received the placebo product lost a few hairs. The only unexpected outcome of the test was that the group that received the larger dosage of the medicine did not show better results than the group that used the 0,15% solution. In the following studies there will be a larger focus on the ideal dosage for the use of this product.

The first test results do sound very promising. I am truly curious if the following test studies will confirm the effectiveness of SMO4554, and if this product will bring us even better results than minoxidil and finasteride.