Vitamines hair

It is common knowledge that vitamines and minerals have a positive influence on your general health and skin condition, but you should also know that they play a really important role in the condition of your hair. In this article I will give you a complete overview of all the vitamines and minerals that have an influence on your hair condition.

Vitamine A
Vitamin A has a positive effect on your oil production, so when you don’t consume enough vitamin A, you could get problems with dry hair.

Vitamine B5, B8 & B12
A Vitamin B5, B8 or B12 deficiency can lead to hair loss.

Vitamine C
Make sure you get enough vitamin C. A Vitamin C deficiency will lead to frail, listless & brittle hair. Your body uses vitamin C to build collagen. Collagen is crucial in order to stimulate hair growth. Vitamin C also helps break down iron (another building block of hair), so enough vitamin C is necessary to be able to take up enough iron.
The human body can’t produce vitamin C. So it’s crucial that you get plenty of vitamin C in through your diet. Citrus fruits, melons, broccoli, peppers and spinach are all great sources of vitamine C.

Melanin also called pigment, ensures that your hair naturally get a nice tan. This results in black, red or blond hair. Brown hair is a mixture of the black and red pigment. Unfortunately, the melanin production is not endless. Eventually we will all get gray hairs. The mineral copper is involved in the pigmentation of the hair. This anti-gray mineral is found in vegetables, chocolate and whole wheat bread.

Your body only needs small amounts of Selenium, however Selenium is really important for your hair growth. Many types of food contain Selenium, but its nearly always in small amounts. A healthy and balanced diet is therefore especially important. Food types that contain a lot of Selenium are organ meats (such as liver), fish, shellfish, and Brazil nuts.

Beautiful hair is always strong hair without split ends. For strong hair you need zinc. This mineral is necessary for the build-up of proteins and thus for all body tissues, hair included. Zinc can be found in meat, fish, herring, brown bread, legumes and brown rice .

Silica plays an important role in the stimulation of hair growth, but it only works if you consume it through vegetables or fruit. The reason for this is that it is the only way that the body can absorb it. The following food types are a great source of Silica: bean sprouts, the skin of cucumbers, red and green peppers and potatoes. Try to eat these products raw or slightly cooked. If these products are exposed to heat, most of the nutritional value will dissapear.

Iodine has a number of anti-parasitic, antiviral & antibacterial properties which help to keep the scalp conditition healthy. By keeping the scalp healthy it improves the strength of the follicle and as a result you will get thicker and stronger hair. Next to that it also prevents dry hair and the greying problem.